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Batch file to delete files older than X days

Quite often, we have an requirement to delete old log files and used powershell scripting in my previous project. With… Continue reading »

Public Key Authentication–What it is and how to use it?

What it Public Key Authentication? Public Key Authentication (PKA) is more secure way to authenticate to a server than using… Continue reading »

How to uninstall applications in MAC?

Uninstalling applications in mac is very different than windows. Although, in most cases, simply deleting application to trash, it may… Continue reading »

Know which process locked a file

Due to ICON issue, I need to unlock .pq file and want to ensure that it is not locked by… Continue reading »

Important Icon Alarms

I listed important ICON alarms below to be configured in every environment to reduce data loss for reporting application Detect… Continue reading »

Synchronize Configuration DB for ICON Datasource

This is interesting and saved hours for me. During migration or upgrade of ICON components, as ICON application is not… Continue reading »

How to find port number of SQL Server instance?

Click Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server > Configuration Tools >SQL Server Configuration Manager Go to SQL Server… Continue reading »

Configure default IVR profile

  It is best practice to configure default IVR profile in GVP environment, in case, if your regular DN-Profile mapping… Continue reading »

Easy way to find default routed calls in URS log

Whenever URS default routes calls, it will be logged with ‘EventRouteUsed(strange)’ You can simply search for this string to identify… Continue reading »

Genesys – Deleting Log records from log database

As we all know, Genesys applications can be configured to store log records in database. Unfortunately, there is no automatic… Continue reading »